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Puch e50 clutch tuning

We all used machine washers from Ace hardware that had a bigger ID but the right thickness and haven't seen any problems after lots of miles. Shop our comprehensive catalog of puch abarth presentation available for purchase right now on the internet. 3. Clutch bell/gear. Tag @vdmpuchparts Yes, they are pedals! Close to my heart a Puch Maxi was the first two wheels with an engine I owned, when my age was still in single figures. This engine will be getting some new pucks and an electrical rebuild, in combination with a Puch HT cylinder that I'm going to attempt to port, and once it's all together, it will replace the E50 on my wife's green Maxi. Puch 3 Shoe Race Clutch Single 1 Speed Transmission E50 E 50 Cobra Murray NEW See more like this 1960s PUCH SGS 250 TWINGLE ALLSTATE SM115B ENGINE TRANSMISSION CLUTCH BASKET HUB Pre-Owned most E50 one speed puch engines have two clutch spacers or shims on either side of the clutch bell. I was given a set of A3 clutch shoes and modified the A35 clutch plate to accept them, at the time it was an experiment to help me avoid buying/finding the A35 replacement. This is a three shoe clutch. . Once I had it apart I found a lot more things that had to be fixed. Whatever you look for, exhaust, piston, air filter, gaskets, battery, top case, brake pads or windscreen. For the I'll walk you through the removal of an e50 clutch. Now all you ZA50 modders can find tune your clutches almost as easy as an E50 motor. PUCH E50 Clutch Start Cable Maxi Lure Sport Cobra L@@K moped . As most of you know, one of the major problems when tuning a Puch is the clutch -- specifically that the RPM when it grabs is normally too low. The wire needs to be about 12mm longer. No added base material - no leaks yet. Builder: C. Puch Magnum- Love the straight lines from front to back on this bike. 2003 engine, I rode it maybe 400-500 miles until the first gear clutch shoe's retaining pin worked loose and "pigmented" my transmission fluid silver. “During the Karl Lagerfeld Pirelli calendar launch in Moscow, Renato Montagner, Creative Director of Pirelli P Zero, commissioned artist Scott Campbell to create two signature projects. doscycles. Comes with two lubrication holes. You'll find them at JMPB Parts! Cylinders 49cc to 74c made specifically for your Puch. One of the greatest weak spots of the e50 motor is the clutch. New refers to a brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item, while Used refers to an item that has been used previously. One reason Hobbit mopeds are popular is because of the power potential of the engine. 4mm Longm**Please be sure to check specs and understand you may need to ream or sand to fit perfectly. Why should a I get a moped (and not a scooter or motorcycle)? Only thing you have to do is get different clutch shims. Lindar had more trouble finding the right things The details are unclear, but I have a few kits sitting and I want something a little different for the city. treatland's exclusive new performance 3 shoe clutch for puch e50 designed with a moped riders wallet in mind. Follow us on instagram @vdmpuchparts 2. Clutch itself. This Maxi Luxe was fully restored by Sunday Morning Motors for a customer a few years ago, and received new paint, graphics, tires, rebuilt engine, rebuilt carb, new cables, brakes and more. I sold him the old E50 off the Maxi Taxi, carb and all, and he gave me some monies and has shipped me a ZA50. Notice all of the holes in the plate, these are NEEDED to clear the set screws in the clutch, and access for the clutch puller. Brand New. In our shop you will find for example an housing for Puch MV / MS, complete clutch shoes sets, separate clutch shoes, a clutch bowl and clutch plates. Get great deals on eBay! Puch Maxi N S E50 Motor Tuning Clutch Pressure Plate with Needle Sexy Sachs Man, Sergio Flores. Dry fit assembly in puch case. txt) or read online for free. My Puch Maxi can't propel itself from a standing start. The infamous BLUE clutch spring for Puch e-50 clutches. 91. Luckily, an exhaust flange from a tomos, or puch mounts up pretty much perfectly. The exhaust is a Biturbo, made specifically for the Puch E50 engine. We recommend running Transoil to keep this clutch a little cooler. That means, after you turned 16, you could ride one of these without a license or any form of insurance and without any protective gear but, you were allowed to use the bicycle paths so it was relatively safe. A Puch e50 clutch bell with needlebearing of choice! How to win: 1. In the future I would like to go for a Corsa, PG short and appropriate carb/intake. Squeeze and feel that there is equal tension on both. Port matched to Gila and used the 2" flap wheel trick. . After you break the clutch loose, remove it. Works wih any E50 engines found on various Puch engine mopeds like the maxi, newport, magnum, swinger, pinto, freespirit and many others. it was. the trickMETRIC hammer clutch for puch E50 : the smooothest engaging, longest slip, most durable clutch ever made for Puch. Simply order a complete set or a single cylinder head, everything is available from stock immediately. The current aftermarket “Puch” throttle cables are made for the short carb elbow. Picture is of similar item - we have more than one of this item in stock and item shipped will be in equal or better condition. For sale a fairly rare (in OZ) Puch Moped built in Austria in the mid 70,s and sold in large quantities in some European countries where a moped was treated as a bicycle. Clutch Tuning Issues. Posted in mopeds, Uncategorized Tags: 1978, 2-stroke, 70cc, e50 rebuild, machines, mopeds, mosquito fleet, performance parts, puch, puch magnum, seattle, secret plans, treatshq 2FASTMOTO 70CC BIG Bore Cylinder Piston Kit Tomos Sprint ST TT A55 Streetmate - $89. With a Mustang as a backdrop makes the image a little more appealing to a wider ordinance 😂 🙌 🇺🇸 There seems to be a lot of nervousness when it comes to building these kits. We designed and made this clutch to handle the extreme punishment that your tuned E50 engine dishes out. Images about: #mopedarmy (86400 posts) The first problem that had to be solved was the intake mount. Goals right now are to see what I can get out of the stock bore with just transmission mods. MORE from United States . For the tuning i got a new engine from my friend and club member Esben, don’t want to race the original number match engine. Fluidr makes it easy to view photos and videos on Flickr using continuous pagination which essentially means that you can view hundreds of photos and videos without ever having to click on a 'next' link. As I went through it, I kept saying to myself, “What the hell was this guy thinking?” “This guy” being the previous owner and not Tike as Tike was selling it on consignment. Unlike the traditional Puch 3-shoe, there is really no need to tune this clutch. Hacked apart an old Puch fairing and resprayed that too This is a brand new Puch e50 kitted engine built by Peter with a 70cc Alukit, 70cc head, stock 2 shoes clutch - I upgraded the springs, stock ignition - I set the timing and points gap, malossi 4 petal reed block - I sealed it, MLM intake, Mikuni VM20 carburetor - as always I pre jetted the carb rich for the first start. There’s not much too it, but there are some Polini tips I’ve picked up from Devin at Motion Left Mopeds, Peter, the MA community and a few little things I’ve figured out along the way. Search Search 70cc e50 class 1) must use e50 cases and transmission 2) must use any 70cc or less PUCH cylinder must use 2 or 3 shoe type PUCH clutch with unlimited modifications (different springs, re-enforcement plate, cutting shoes, adding clutch material) but clutch must maintain pivot type engagement arms any crank ok, but must maintain stoke stroke Tired of messing with this vento. I haven’t used my Puch Maxi in a long time, the aftermarket wire rims and cheap tires had a bit of vibration and the engine lacked power. Puch - Classifieds: 1991 Mercedes Benz G Class in East Naples, 1980 Puch MAXI SPT LS in Arcadia, 1977 Puch Maxi moped in Austin, 1978 1973 Puch Maxi Mopeds in Sacramento, Puch maxi in Syracuse. Technically this is a moped, but since Puch was made by Piaggio, the ones who make Vespas, I had to include it into this category. a mid sized moped cover comes with the sale. Recommended PUCH E50 WITH BOSCH 6 WIRE MAGNETO Fluids: • Gear/Case Oil: ATF type ”F” (5. Locate Puch Abarth Presentation in stock and ready for shipping right now on the internet. The kickstart doesn't, so it doesn't have the friction material. Puch Maxi, or Magnum style, or the third style that is great for Pinto, Freespirit, and other tube framed Puch mopeds. Puch Puch Maxi - Components Overview Here you find spare parts, tuning parts, and accessories for the Puch Puch Maxi. Puch 50cc 4p Cylinder Kit, DMP. Tighten all the way, then back out 720 degrees as a starting point. It gets up to about 2 km/h on WOT and it revs really high. Spacer plate, cut to fit in minarelli bell. 1979 Puch Magnum Project Part 13 - Ignition System + First Start. The PA50II model has large transfers and “breathes” well. This is a 1985 QT50 that I picked up in Covington, Ohio from Tike’s Cycle Shop (Thanks Tike). Unlike a Dellorto or a Bing, these carbs don't have either spigot or clamp mounts, so we had to make something that would work as a spigot. United States Top 543995 Instagram followed. I work around this by jogging it along until about 10 km/h, which is about the speed it needs to kick into second gear (I thought Puch's e50 were single-speed?). K. 9mm Inner Diameter17mm Outer Diameter21. includes 3 sets of springs. I coated the engine with silver high temp caliper paint and then did a 2K High Temp clear (Eastwood) and then built up with a Rito Crank and the 77 rebuild kit (seals/bearings). If you are rebuilding your E50 motor, you will need crank bearings, mainshaft bearings, seals and gaskets. Most important!!! Hercules 623 Luxe *Lowered Standards* 3 Likes Follow Build View Build . Looks like you’ve got fast bikes already, this one will be stupid fun though. I appreciate E50's so much more now. Things I replaced-NOS crank-NOS clutch assembly-TJT variator-TJT belt-75 Metra Kit I sold him the old E50 off the Maxi Taxi, carb and all, and he gave me some monies and has shipped me a ZA50. Puch one speed E50 Clutch bushing. Maxi and my first E50! Check it out! 50cc funbike bemis blasters bird is the word blog bmx bondo bonerjamz bourbon bandits bourbonbandits car case matching cdi clutch colonel sanders crank derbi derbi laguna derbi monster e50 fixed! flock yeah flock yeah 2 garelli gary busey gas shocks GET SOME ghost ride the whip grand rapids hauling hobbit honda dio intake la laguna sport Posts about puch magnum written by zack. This clutch is in great shape with all the the pad material intact. The other one goes, it has some engine adjustment needs and the 1st gear  After no further ado, we present the 77 Superclutch. HONDA HOBBIT PA50ii APPEARANCE puch maxi n s x30 airsal tuning cylinder 1 2532in new puch maxi n s e50 macho kickstarter motor pass set rmz250 clutch puch rod 2010 to 2012 rmz 250 23110 if all goes well tomorrow, tuning should start mid-week. In a stock Puch engine, you will more than likely find a two shoe clutch so yours may look a little different. all laser-cut steel construction with brace already included and mounted. The Puch Maxi is a moped that was manufactured by the Austrian manufacturing company rectangular gearbox. Magnum ZA50 engines will need to use a Maxi flat flange style exhaust. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Both transmissions use a centrifugal clutch. Lightly used OEM three shoe clutch for puch e50 engines. it is unrestored and unmolested (save for a new carburator and piston rings and front tire and tube) the other bike is 100% original 1973 champagne colored puch maxi pictures coming soon. Puch Engine Exploded Views. com $120+ship or local pickup! With most stock moped engines, it’s easier to judge whether the jet is too big or too small, than it is with high performance two stroke engines, like dirt bikes. its a packaged sale. We did it quickly for the video but you can spend more time for a better finish. I daren't mess with it, as my mechanical knowledge doesn't extend far enough if I mess it up! As to power band, it doesn't have one it's single speed auto clutch so basically I twist the throttle and go Here's an update on progress PUCH E50 Gilardoni 74cc Build Kit-this case has been bored and case-matched for the Puch Gilardoni 74cc cylinder kit and is ready to be built up You can find performance parts and the cylinder kit at our parts supplier www. 75 oz/170cc) Plug: • Plug Condition Clutch bell, with puch gear welded to it. YPV Spares UK based store - we stock a wide range of moped parts, good quality & affordable prices, everything you need to get you mopeds back on the road. Off Topic Section. The necessary parts for this you order easy at JMPB. Parts for days at Treatland and Dos Cycles. 99 Manifold With Inlet Manet, 1 15mm E X Gang Ktm 50 Puch Tuning Maxi Rider from Riverside rocked a white puch maxi with license plate and even lights on sometimes! Jake Martinez (Orange County) had some mechanical problem all day with his awesome blue Puch magnum top tank, bike a little heavy and with bad weight distribution for the race track, he’ll be back with a better moped next time. 4 port, ight weight aluminum cylinder Puch E50 One Speed Moped Clutch Bushing - 22 x 15 x 17. but here is the kicker- today (and this didn't used to be the case) you can buy a huge variety of tuning bits for the maxi and related bikes. Puch Maxi, Tomos A3 & A35, Yamaha FS1/FS1E-dx & Vespa Bravo/Ciao. Myrons sells a long elbow throttle cable, for Puch Maxi, made from a modified “Puch” throttle cable. I love the start 3 derbi motor but I don’t want to go all crazy with it and unfortunately am limited on gearing by preserving the puch swingarm/wheels. There isn’t much bottom end in the Airsal kit, with a heavy gear ratio it needs to build up some RPM before take-off. In the video, the spring installation shown is the Tomos 20# blue spring uncut on a second gear clutch and the 30# Tomos red spring uncut on a first gear clutch. Build Log: 50cc 60mph Puch Magnum Moped. did 9. Feb 28, 2010 I had some unexplained tuning trouble in an E50 motor a lil over a year ago and eventually just quit trying to figure it out. MOPED: SCOOTER: FAQ. Starting Problems: (directed towards Puch mopeds, but some info may pertain to others as well) It is easiest to work on your Puch by removing the long side cover screws, medium side cover screws, and then the plastic side covers first. A Puch E50 engine can be rebuilt in an hour or so, and a rusted $50 found-in-a-barn bike can usually be restored to running condition over a weekend with the right parts and tools. See more It came in two basic flavours- rigid rear end, or the super posh and exotic "S" model with rear suspension. No deformation of any of the springs. From what i can see (not much on google) all it has over a normal Here’s the latest project. How it Works » New Instructable » instructables: repair View vangsoe's set list on Fluidr. This can be adapted to any other engine with a centrifugal clutch. 99 50 40 E Inlet Gang 30-a, Manet, X Tuning 15mm Puch With 1 X Manifold the blue bike is a 1978 puch maxi in running condition. PUCH E50 Gila 74cc engine build done. A good trick is to deglaze the cluth bell and the clutch shoes after the first couple of miles just on the edges where they make uneven contact. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Fortunately, maintenance of the clutch of your Puch is fairly easy to do yourself. (puch e50 build) I am hoping that by tuning the cvt now i will be able to get this running even better. MSRP:. They idle way fast if used with the long elbow, because the slide is not allowed to go fully down to idle. Step by Step How to Drop/Remove a Puch e50 Engine from a Maxi. I'm very fond of these motors, and an 86 E50 was the first engine I built, and I still ride it, the fastest bike in Anderson by a long shot. I bought some Grimeca cast wheels and nice Schwalbe tires. This is a purchased specialty tool but you can make one also. pdf), Text File (. puch sidecovers & parts. So I was moping the other day how I have 12 mopeds in my shed and they are pretty much all in a state of disrepair, but fortunately most are fairly straightforward projects and I have most of the pieces to get them done. Full BENNASAR/BRN clutch assembly for Puch E50. Puch E50 Crankshaft And Transmission Parts Location Clutch Side Magneto Side 17mm x 40mm 22mm x 40mmSeal Open Side Open Side 6203 C/3 6203NR C/3 Cir-clip Large Hole Washer Brass Sleeve Cir-Clip Small Hole Washer "C" Cover Retainer Cir-Clip Seat Nut and Washer Open Side 6203 C/3 6203 C/3 Cir-clip Cir-clip Cir-clip Loose Retainer Ring Sprocket Puch Maxi Setup and Jet Database. 1979 Puch Magnum Project Part 1 - Getting it ready to ride. New listing Puch Maxi N S E50 Motor Tuning Clutch Pressure Plate with Needle Clutch Puller for Puch E50 Puch E50 Throttle Clutch Front Rear Brake Cable Maxi Lure Sport Cobra Moped Puch E50 - $38. MSRP: Was: Vespa Starter Clutch Pad Segment Set - Variated Ciao, Bravo, Boxer, SI. get everything to fit right for super high rpm. PUCH E50 CLUTCH REMOVAL: Howdy. Just gotta set the clutch bell spacers, install the Jammer racing clutch, clutch cover, and ignition. This Pin was discovered by Marla Duran. Here is a Puch E50 made in 1986 which means 3 shoe clutch and roller bearing clutch from the factory! Also, it has only 3 engine bearings and used 3 same sized seals. to buy on is to get the other. also, many thanks to Naz for all of his incredible help with this project. Mod List: Derestricted #80MJ Polini Variator (Stock Boss) 6. Be sure to locktite the bolts that hold your shoes in place. The key is to get them to engage at the same time, or your clutches will die sad deaths rather quickly. I decided to make some changes, year after that I made an engine with a 74cc Polini LC from an aprilia af1 futura . If I plant my feet - it barely 'fights back'. 21mm PHBG Tuning Vergaser Kit Puch M 50 M50 Sprinter SE S Racing SG Grand Prix PUCH E50 50CC TCCD RACING CYLINDER KIT MOPED maxi CM CHROMOLY RACING CLUTCH Custom Puch Magnum XK with club handlebars. Clutch not removed. Installing a performance exhaust and tuning the carburetor alone unlocks some of its power potentials. The clutch will engage smoother and later at higher rpms for super fast takeoffs. Posted a couple of others on here before. Back to MopedsOnline. Clutch Cover Puch Maxi X30 x 40 Manet KTM with Puch E50 Moped Motor See more like this. E50 Rebuild Posted by Rebuilding a Derbi engine is nothing like rebuilding an E50. May 23, 2015 This is a how-to on tuning a Puch E50 clutch. Here is an absolutely pristine and beautiful Puch step-thru moped that looks like new and runs better than new. Clutch bell, with puch gear welded to it. Puch e50 Lightened Race Starter Clutch Plate Gotta shave weight wherever you can if you wanna go fast. Puch Maxi E50 clutch tuning To get better acceleration on my Puch Maxi, I adjusted my clutch to engage later at a higher engine speed. Part (1/2) BASIC Moped Performance Carb Tuning -- Jetting. Then put it on my test bike, start it, break it in, tune it, ride it, drop it, pack it, ship it to its lucky owner same formula always All That's Gold Does Not Glitter from Alessandro Simonetti on Vimeo. This database contains among other 50cc, 60cc and 70cc + cylinder setups and is created to help you define the right jet size for your Puch Maxi. Just click the requested assembly group and the appropriate parts show up. Performance Tuning Tricks. These harken back to the old days of moped tuning before there were hammers and jammers and  PUCH E50 CLUTCH REMOVAL: Howdy. Next would be cables, we have a cable set here for E50, and a cable set here for Puch mopeds with ZA50. This is a great step towards increasing the power output from your bike! This will help distribute the oil more evenly over your clutch pads increasing their life while keeping them cooler. This was the classic MS50 which was called by the small gas tank affectionately known as Baby Puch. Puch E50 Throttle Clutch Front Rear Brake Cable Maxi Lure Sport Cobra Moped Puch E50 - $38. This is a how-to on tuning a Puch E50 clutch. Puch Moped Service Manual - Free download as PDF File (. For the most part, it works well when the motor is left stock, but when performance parts are put on the motor, the clutch wears out fast. PUCH E50 WITH BOSCH 6 WIRE MAGNETO Fluids: • Gear/Case Oil: ATF type ”F” (5. Repost this picture on your account. Puch motors are so  Puch E50 One Speed Moped Clutch Bushing - 22 x 15 x 17. Dimensions:14. Builder: Joey Poole puch gaskets cylinders and pistons (4 Subcategories) puch engine crank & seals (4 Subcategories) bing carb - puch. On this page you find the latest Puch Maxi setups and jet sizes (2018). Use a clutch puller to remove the clutch. 11 Likes Follow Build View Build . 1. Puch Maxi S 80's Restoration. I Purchased it from a super reliable shop. A stock moped with the correct jet will run smooth up to and a little beyond the engine rpm it is designed to max out at, and then, above that rpm, begin to “four stroke” or run rough. Vintage Mopeds for Sale Old Puch moped A Puch Magnum. they are generally sold by crankcase type (E50 in this instance), and there is a growing movement of young American hipsters ragging their old Başkaları ne diyor? Posts about Shaw’s Puch Maxi written by tomahawktuning Peugeot c’est fini doods The perfect moby moped for sale SOLD $ 6,000 Mean looking and monster fast Motobecane 50cc Polini h2o 70 mph custom moped ready to blast through the dark streets of downtown LA late at night… if you happen to be awake you m… Başkaları ne diyor? Posts about Shaw’s Puch Maxi written by tomahawktuning Peugeot c’est fini doods The perfect moby moped for sale SOLD $ 6,000 Mean looking and monster fast Motobecane 50cc Polini h2o 70 mph custom moped ready to blast through the dark streets of downtown LA late at night… if you happen to be awake you m… Moped #12: 1976 Puch Maxi N I bought this Puch a few weeks back on Ebay for $405. 75 oz/170cc) Plug: • Plug Condition Puch Parts | MS50, MV50, Monza, Maxi The first moped by the Austrian moped brand Puch appeared on the Dutch market n 1954. 1500 OBO Find puch e50 from a vast selection of Vehicle Parts & Accessories. Hey, picked up another moped on saturday thought you guys might like to see. So I’m thinking simple e50 build on a nice base. We work out the trending price by crunching the data on the product’s sale price over the last 90 days. kevlar lined aluminum/steel shoes for long-lasting performance. Hacked apart an old Puch fairing and resprayed that too I coated the engine with silver high temp caliper paint and then did a 2K High Temp clear (Eastwood) and then built up with a Rito Crank and the 77 rebuild kit (seals/bearings). As you saw, both were successful. 4seconds over 150meters but that wasnt enough, the engine shown in the video is a rebuild e50, fitted an Honda mbx80 cilinder on it (48mm Gilardoni) crank from a puch DMP, driveshaft is from a Zundapp (bulletproof) Selfmade Puch cylinders of all leading brands. 3 sets of springs included for multiple tuning options, from stock to 80cc. Its a 1982 Puch Maxi S with a E50 single speed 50cc. I assume trying to use a kickstart clutch on a pedal-start E50 is going to fuck something up. Find great deals on eBay for puch e50 and puch maxi. Com. The pedal start clutch needs to be able to gradually engage as you pull the lever. Puch E50 Hi I'm trying to get my puch e50 on the road I've recently been left by a friend but I'm trying to find out the year if you can help as I have no logbook or registration plate on it And not sure if it's ever been on the road , it only has just over 500 miles on it too , I have the serial number which is stamped on the frame and is also It’s a Puch E50. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. I initially had to rebuild this engine because the pedals were not engaging. Remove the circlip in the clutch drum. Not a bad price. GY6 Polini Hi-Speed QMB139, Kymco 50cc 4 Stroke, GY6 Racing Variator 11231 Polini Hi-Speed now available in a 4-stroke version set! Hi-Speed stands for better drive and smoother shifting. Hey guys, to start off I have a 1976 Puch maxi and don't know much about small engines. 9g Rollers 9:1 Gears Sidestand Rebuilding a Derbi engine is nothing like rebuilding an E50. Home About Policies FAQ Contact MENU Store Pages Home About Policies FAQ Contact Store Categories Batteries BMX Parts & Accessories BMX Parts and Accessories Chrome Accessories Closeouts / Buyouts Driveline Brakes Sprockets Electrical & Lighting Engine Related Parts Exhaust Muffler Parts Eyewear, Clothing I am looking to find some clutch springs for the stock clutch. It is a special edition model called the "ska executive". puch airbox. Drop it in and go. puch e50 clutch tuning

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